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STRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic loveland

STRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic loveland

STRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic lovelandSTRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic lovelandSTRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic loveland

Class Descriptions

Intro to Pilates Beginner & Refresher

These are private session classes where we will take you through the basic reformer exercises and get you acquainted with the equipment. This is slow paced and we will spend the time honing in on your form, breath, alignment and practicing the exercises used. 

If you are brand new to Reformer Pilates we require you take at least 2 private sessions before moving on to any of the Group Reformer Pilates classes we offer. This is for your safety. 

We offer 2 intro packages:

Beginner – $99 – Includes 2 private sessions and 1 group reformer class.
Refresher – $99 – Includes 1 private session and 3 group classes.

Private Reformer/ Semi-Private

Private  sessions are tailored to suit your specific needs and goals. Semi-Privates include 2-3 individuals that are skill compatible having completed at least one private session.

Basic Reformer

Basic Reformer Pilates is designed for those that are looking for more of a basic pilates class. Anyone can come to a Basic Pilates class but we tailored this class for those that are returning from a hiatus from pilates, newbies, pregnant clients, older clients, those with injuries, and those looking for a slower pace class where you can focus on form, breath and stretching. Or for those that maybe just aren't up for a "hard regular class" that day.  It is crucial to keep our body active, to have a healthy life for the long term. You will be strengthening the muscles and improving flexibility in our classes, this helps to maintain the coordination & balance in the body. The basic movements you do during class are powerful and give you energy, they stimulate and activate more of your brain to rejuvenate.  

We understand that it is very important to take time to cultivate confidence and learn to correct alignment in your body. Connecting  with your breathing, and the body movements as you move slowly and effectively. Using equipment to help support building the strength, and create space to relax, as well as opening some body parts which are often tense and not easy to release.

*Basic Pilates isn't restricted to those people listed above. Clients can take any pilates they wish to take. It just depends on your preferences and what you are looking to achieve. You may wish to take this class if you need or want a more gentle class to focus on balance, stretch, breath, form and mobility.

Group Reformer

Experience a total body workout that will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible, toned and standing with improved body alignment and coordination. Class size is limited to 5 people so we can provide individualized attention in a group setting. We work with small props to continue to challenge the body and we work on transition and fluidity. At least one private session and /or Intro to Pilates session is required before joining a group class 


JUMP/Reformer Combo

Some group reformer exercises and  some jumpboard exercises. What is jumpboard? It is an attachment that converts the reformer to a horizontal jumping machine. It fixes to the front of the reformer by the footbar. You can change the spring tension and jump on the board as if it were on the floor. The spring tension takes gravity out of the equation, so it feels like you are jumping on the moon :) Fun way to mix up and add a bit of cardio to your pilates ! We don't jump the entire class.. its about 1/2 jumpboard and 1/2 refromer.

Pilates Play

 Adv. This class is a time to play and take your principles you have learned in group reformer classes and use them as we try some new exercises and more reps and sets on some exercises. We also toss in some cardio esq HIIT exercises off the Reformer. Some of it is timed, so we move quick!! Challenge your body and muscles to work hard!! This class is not suggested for those New to Pilates or those with injuries. We may jump some too..on and off the machine ;)

+ Positive Failure

Don't let the name of the class scare you! Go past your comfort zone —

and you're going to feel it. You are working your muscles toe exhaustion to "+ Failure."

We focus on PROPER & GOOD FORM, incessant pulsing, heavier spring weight- sometimes lighter- depending on the exercise, small isometric movements,longer holds that you repeat over and over again. Your muscles will be tested in this class..but the beauty of "+ Failure" is it taps into the body's lactic acid energy system (anaerobic glycolysis)—it’s the energy system you use for anaerobic exercise that’s done for an extended duration of time. You will reap the benefits of this class during and AFTER class. Low impact class and awesome class to focus and hone in on form. 

Don't worry- we stretch too.

Mixed Mat

Mixed mat class is 45 minute class done on the floor and standing using your body and sometimes props - small and big balls/ weights/ resistance bands/ pilates rings. 

Total Body Pilates Circuit

A 45 minute high energy, dynamic class that will move you around to various Pilates stations.  We do 8 exercises in this class and each exercise is done 2x. We also may toss in some "extras" depending on time. Anyone can do this class we can easily modify the exercises to suit each individual. All the exercises allow you a well rounded experience targeting the entire body...especially the core.


Treat yourself, loved ones, or friends to the gift of pilates!  Contact us at wecare@sawpilates.com to find out more.