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Classes & Rates

At this time  we are happy to offer virtual online classes, in studio classes (private/ duet/ trio small group classes) and outdoor mat classes when weather permits!

New to Pilates:  We offer private session classes where we will take you through the basic reformer exercises and get you acquainted with the equipment. This is slow paced and we will spend the time honing in on your form, breath, alignment and practicing the exercises used. 

If you are brand new to Reformer Pilates we require you take at least 2 private sessions before moving on to any of the Small Group Reformer Pilates classes we offer.

If you would like to schedule a private session, please email us at wecare@sawpilates.com.

Reformer Classes

Our reformers are spaced well over 8 feet apart. We offer 2 studio spaces - Upstairs at SAW and Main Floor at SAW. Each floor has 3 reformers.

Some different class types we offer are listed below.  These are subject to change and we like to add body part focus classes to the schedule when we can. Be sure to continually look at our schedule to learn more about our class offerings!

Align Reformer Pilates


We love all Pilates and we believe that the traditional approach is freakin’ amazing. In this workout,  expect to move your body in all planes of motion and mobilize your spine in flexion, rotation, lateral flexion, and extension.  a total body workout that will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible, toned and standing with improved body alignment and coordination. Class size is limited people so we can provide individualized attention in a group setting. We work with small props to continue to challenge the body and we work on transition and fluidity. At least one private session and /or Intro to Pilates session is required before joining a group class 

Primal Pilates 


You have space to move and breathe and get personalized attention.

This is it: everything you need in life packed into one amazing class. Sound like an exaggeration? We don’t think so! We combine the muscle lengthening, core targeting, fluid sequences you love about traditional Pilates with just the right amount of intensity, creativity and ‘push you to your limits’ encouragement in this whole body sculpting class - we get your heart rate up some off the reformer and on the reformer. Be prepared to work hard, see results, and leave feeling empowered to do more of what you love in life.

+ Positive Failure

Don't let the name of the class scare you! Go past your comfort zone —

and you're going to feel it. You are working your muscles toe exhaustion to "+ Failure."

We focus on PROPER & GOOD FORM, incessant pulsing, heavier spring weight- sometimes lighter- depending on the exercise, small isometric movements,longer holds that you repeat over and over again. Your muscles will be tested in this class..but the beauty of "+ Failure" is it taps into the body's lactic acid energy system (anaerobic glycolysis)—it’s the energy system you use for anaerobic exercise that’s done for an extended duration of time. You will reap the benefits of this class during and AFTER class. Low impact class and awesome class to focus and hone in on form. 

Don't worry- we stretch too.

Rates (Subject to Change at any time)

We currently offer pre-recorded classes through our Virtual Studio. Cost is per class, but we are excited to soon also offer a subscription based model for our entire virtual library in the coming weeks! Stay Tuned!

Single Virtual Mat Class - $5  Single Virtual Reformer Class $10

Private Reformer Pilates 

$65 single session

$285 5 sessions

$525 10 sessions

Due to having to reconfigure our studio to adhere to physical distancing and regulations, we are now offering TRIO Reformer sessions rather than classes with 6 participants. These are highly personalized classes with only 3 people in class.  With the ever changing guidelines, we are currently offering 2 different package options for the TRIO Classes for purchase at this time. 

Summer Small Group/Trio Class Packages

Single Summer Trio /Small Group Class $35

Summer Trio /Small Group 5 - 5 trio classes $150

Summer Trio/Small Group 10  - 10 trio classes $250

all summer trio/small  classes are good thru Sept. 1 2020

If you have a group that you would like to come with and reserve one of our studio spaces -(upstairs/ downstairs)  you can do so by emailing us at wecare@sawpilates.com and we can schedule your private trio class with one of our instructors using the classes from your Summer Trio Package.

Classes and rates are subject to change at any time.

SAW Virtual


VIRTUAL Studio (Live and Pre- Recorded)

We have Virtual Pre rec classes available on our schedule. You have access to class for 24 hours from class start time online.  You sign up for the class just like you would a normal in studio class via mindbody. You will get a link to your class  at the time stated on the schedule and then get access to the class for 24 hours so you can do on your own time. We will soon offer a subscription to our entire virtual library! Stay tuned..