111 Wall Street, Loveland, Ohio 45140, United States

Fall in LOVE with Pilates at SAW Pilates!

- Social and wellness -Located in the historic loveland

- Social and wellness -Located in the historic loveland

- Social and wellness -Located in the historic loveland - Social and wellness -Located in the historic loveland

FAQ/ Policies

Online Registration/Cancelling Classes/ Waitlists

  •  Online Registration: While walk-ins are accepted if there is room in the class,  we highly encourage students to sign up online for classes. When you sign up online or through our app, you are guaranteed a spot in the class. We encourage you to sign up AT LEAST 24 hours before class is to take place. While we hate to have to cancel a class, classes will not take place if there are not at least 2 people signed up for class within 4 hours of class.
  • For Early Riser 6 AM classes - you must sign up by 10 PM the night before.  This serves both the clients in planning their classes as well as the studio in being a good steward with our resources and our instructors.
  •  Sign up for your classes early in the week! Think of your Pilates class as any other appointment on your schedule. Pencil it in and make your Pilates time a priority. 
  • Waitlists  We’ve opened up all spots in each class for online reservations and have a waitlist option. If you are first on the waitlist and someone cancels their reservation, you will automatically be added to the class list. If your mobile number is in your profile, you will get a text message notifying you that a spot opened and you can easily confirm the reservation.   

We understand that life has unexpected surprises and you will not always be able to attend the classes you sign up for. If you can’t come to class, you can cancel your reservation up to 12 HOURS before the class starts without penalty.  This will allow others to sign up for the class. All registered clients within 12 hours of class , the class will be deducted from your package.  If you are a  "No Show" for class- you will be charged a $13 late fee/ No Show fee for each class you late canceled or no shows. 

No shows and late cancels have been happening frequently on weekends. It has been upsetting to some of the other clients who work hard to get into a class they want only to show up with 1-2 extra reformers. 

Late cancels and no shows can disrupt the harmony of our studio.  As having a supportive, nurturing environment is a crucial part of SAW, we want all clients to show courtesy to their fellow students and cancel in good time, it helps create an environment where we all  are more considerate towards our fellow pilates people ;) By us enforcing this policy we are also helping you all meet your pilates fitness and health goals!

Of course we know emergencies arise and we will take those into consideration as we work diligently to run a supportive and welcoming pilates studio for our wonderful clients and talented instructors.

  • FAQ about Pilates:
  • I'm new to Pilates.  What is the best way to start? 
  • We recommend that you  take private sessions/ intro to pilates classes first. This will allow you to really learn how the exercises should be performed as well as any modifications that might be needed for your body.  If you choose to do group classes later, you will receive greater benefits from the exercises by knowing and applying the proper technique as well as any personal modifications needed to prevent possible injury.  Our Intro to Pilates classes and private classes are your best bet to start. See the class descriptions above or check out our pricing page to learn more about these classes.  
  • How often should I do Pilates? 
  • Two to three times a week is ideal, but even once a week will be beneficial.  The most important thing is consistency.   
  • How soon can I expect to see results? 
  • Joseph Pilates said, "In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body". Exact results may vary by individuals, but we are sure that you will notice the difference as you take more classes.  If you tell us your specific goals in the beginning, we will be happy to assist you in achieving your goals.  After all, we are in the business of changing bodies.  
  • I'm Pregnant.  Is Pilates good for me? 
  • If you have been doing Pilates before your pregnancy, it is good to keep working with proper modifications per your doctors instructions. But if you are new to Pilates and you don't  exercise regularly, we don't recommend that you start doing Pilates at this very sensitive time of your life.  This means that we may not not be able to accommodate you, as your safety, health and well being are our primary focus.
  •  What kind of payment methods do you take? 
  • We take Cash, Check, and Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express).  Gift Certificates are also available.  All payments for sessions and classes are non-refundable.  

Where do I park and What if it snows?

  • We have on street parking and a dedicated lot behind our studio. 
  •  In case of inclement weather or other potentially dangerous situations, we will make the decision to cancel classes or workshops at least 2 hours ahead of time. Please check the online schedule or the studio Facebook page before heading out.