People are talking.. About Pilates!

Erika S.

  •  I have been attending Pilates sessions taught by Annette since 2013.  You do not continue with something for so long if it isn’t powerful.  Annette teaches with a modern take of classic Pilates.  I am amazed at the benefits my body experiences because of Pilates.  It improves my posture, curbs back pain, and helps with weight control.  It also helps with my mental being.  Pilates sessions with Annette are never boring.  She is always integrating new ways to use the reformer and as a client you are always finding new muscles you never knew you had.  For me though, the most important part of Annette is how much fun her lessons are.  You cannot make it through a session without laughing.I could not imagine my life without Pilates.  

Shelley S.

 1. Why did you want to start pilates? What hesitations did you have about starting pilates? I decided to start Pilates because I hadn't been making any time to do something for myself. I also knew that I needed to do more strength training. I was nervous about starting!I had never tried Pilates before and knew I wasn't very strong. I didn't actually think I would be successful but I wanted to give it a try. 

2. What changes have you noticed in your body since we've started working together?

The biggest change that I've noticed is that I've become much stronger. I've also built up my endurance.  Now I take two classes a week. 

3. What specifically do you like best about your pilates sessions?

My favorite thing about my pilates sessions is the knowledge that I am doing something for myself. I always feel better emotionally and physically after each class. It's a very positive experience. 

4. How have you benefited from our sessions together?

Pilates has helped build up my confidence and helped me reduce my stress. I really can't say enough about how much I've benefited from this program. 

5. Would you recommend SAW Pilates to someone? If so, why?

I absolutely would recommend SAW Pilates to other people, and have already recommended this program. It's such a positive and energizing experience.  

6. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

  1. I love that my instructor works with every level of ability and body type. She provides a positive, nurturing environment for her students to push themselves. She also makes sure everyone is working safely. She's extremely accommodating to each of her client's specific needs and goals.  

Jill H.

 Pilates is a huge part of my weekly exercise routine!!  I look forward to doing reformer all week.  Even though I have been doing Pilates for years, each week we do new things on the reformer.  It amazes me how many different strength exercises we can do on one machine.  I always feel like I've had a good workout when our hour is up.  I noticed a huge change in my running after just a few sessions.  I am way more flexible than I used to be and I feel the strength in my core has improved greatly and especially evident on my longer runs.  Pilates is a huge part of my exercise regimen...and I have also made great friends too!