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STRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic loveland

STRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic loveland

STRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic lovelandSTRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic lovelandSTRENGTH. ALIGNMENT. WELL-BEING. Located in the heart of historic loveland

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 I fell in love with Pilates after the birth of my 2nd son.I had tried Pilates before, but began taking classes more consistently after his birth. Not only as a way to increase abdominal strength as a woman who had 2 babies within 18 months, but also as a way to find relief from post partum depression and help ease pain & gain strength due to a connective tissue syndrome. I have even had 3 different doctors tell me that Pilates has been my "saving grace"! Encouraged by my progress and because of the mental and physical challenges that it provided me, I wanted to share my personal experience with others. I became a certified instructor in 2010 after completing training through Pendleton Pilate’s teacher training program. I now have 3 children and practicing and teaching Pilates (with my daughter up til 2 days before she was born) has helped me be a better mother both physically and mentally. I truly believe that Mr. Pilates’ basic philosophy of integration of mind and body make for a more healthy body. It gives you an awareness and strength that carries over into everyday movement whether you are lifting your child, swinging a golf club, sitting in front of your computer, or running on the bike trail. Most people don’t think about how they move, but Pilates gives you controlled, directed strength. It teaches you to be aware of your movement and change it in ways that make you feel better, move better, and look better. Try it, you just may fall in love with Pilates like I did!



 I have been a Pilates enthusiast since 2008 when I began using Pilates to rehabilitate my back. I am never bored with Pilates and there is always a new skill level to reach even with basic Pilates exercises. In 2011 I got certified to teach Pilates and have been teaching ever since. I get such joy seeing my clients rehabilitate themselves through Pilates. My goal as a Pilates instructor is to challenge you by keeping a steady pace in class and encouraging you to consistently improve your form. My hope is that Pilates will become as transformational for you as it has been for me! 



 I got into Pilates in 2015. I grew up playing soccer and when I stopped playing, I knew I needed to find a healthy way to exercise with a group that was challenging for me. I am so happy I decided to try out Pilates to fill that spot because it quickly turned into a passion! Pilates helps me to be more aware of my own body and has changed my posture drastically. It continues to challenge me both mentally and physically and that is one thing that I love about it. I knew I wanted to become an Instructor and share my love for Pilates with others. Pilates is for all ages, all fitness levels, and each person can be challenged in their own unique way!  



 I began taking pilates in April of 2007. At the time, I was looking for something to supplement my running. And I instantly fell in love. I love the mind body connection that pilates promotes through challenging exercises and core centered philosophy. I made teacher training a personal goal of mine and completed it in early 2017. Pilates can be so many things to different people. It can be your "me time", time to rehab an injury or used as a serious training tool. As a teacher, I enjoy seeing people obtain their personal goals and go further than they ever expected. Just as important as the physical benefits, is the sense of community it creates. 



 I got into Pilates through my mom, Shannon, who is an instructor here as well. I fell in love with Pilates and the benefits it has and decided to become an instructor myself. In the fall of 2016 I got certified to teach Pilates. Pilates has been so amazing for me and drastically changed how I did so many things, from simply having better posture to engaging all the small muscles I didn’t even know I had. I love teaching Pilates and helping people improve their form and develop greater body awareness.   



"I began doing Pilates 14 years ago and it changed the way I viewed exercise. Pilates is such intelligent exercise! I love how it not only challenges my physical body but also my mind. Pilates requires 100 percent focus and awareness & allows me to continually make mind/body connections. I want my students to not only walk out of class feeling strong but also feeling empowered with a greater awareness of their body that they can carry into their everyday lives."Give customers a reason to do business with you.




Teaching and practicing Pilates became my second career in 2013, upon completing the Pendleton Pilates teacher certification program.  I have continued my education via MindBody certification courses, Pilates instructor workshops, and my ongoing personal pilates development program.  I enjoy teaching and communicating with new clients, one of my strengths from my background in Corporate training. 

I am very grateful that I discovered Pilates, not only due to the personal and physical improvements I have realized, yet also my enjoyment in teaching and seeing others experience the same results.  No matter what an individual's beginning abilities and goals are, learning and practicing Pilate's movements results in building Strength, Alignment, and Well-being that they see in a matter of weeks.

Lastly, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach at the SAW Pilate's studio.  It is a beautiful studio in the HEART of Loveland, madeup of wonderful clients instructors and owners, that I consider good friends. Check us out, and join this new Pilate's community!



She is amazing and has many years experience. she hasn't written a bio yet.. but we love Laura and the clients do too!!



I absolutely love Pilates and am so excited to share that passion with others. After recovering from a neck injury due to a car accident, I struggled finding a way to exercise. I always felt singled out in group fitness classes as I needed so many modifications and I grew to hate working out. I finally discovered Pilates and fell in love with how easy it is to modify for my body and how great I felt after. I'm now addicted. As a former Jr High teacher, I decided to merge my passion for teaching others with my Pilates obsession and just completed my instructor training in fall of 2018. I'm beyond thrilled to spread the joy of Pilates and watch others find movement that works for them. Hope to see you soon!



I have always played sports and been a fitness enthusiast. Pilates was added to my fitness routine over 11 years ago after the birth of my second child with the intention of regaining my core strength. Pilates has done that for me, but it's also given me so much more. Pilates not only helped me stay injury-free through +20 half marathons and 3 marathons, but it has continually improved my performance. My passion for Pilates and health/fitness led me to complete my teacher training certification in 2016 so I could share this experience with others. I love that Pilates is a strength-training workout that is unbiased--anyone can do it, at any age. I love to challenge all of my students, regardless of their skill level and watch them get stronger and see the pride and physiological change they experience. It gives me the opportunity to get away from life's stresses and responsibilities and invest in myself. I think everyone should find a means to support not only in their health but in keeping themselves mentally and emotionally whole, and Pilates is unique in its ability to do all of t